Instant Noodles market in India to grow by 5.6% till 2023

Instant noodle is made from the mixture of wheat flour, water, starch, salt and other flavor enhancer which have become indispensable in the urban kitchen with the rapid changing lifestyle in Indian market because instant noodles are easy to cook being time saver.

Definition / Scope

Asian noodles represent a major end use of wheat, with estimates of more than 12% of total world wheat production used for making these products. Of the many types of noodles, the instant fried noodle is the fastest growing sector and it is increasing in popularity in many non-Asian countries.

Commercially instant noodles were first introduced in Japan followed by Korean and then Asian countries. Due to ease of preparation and convenience of instant noodles the market is growing very rapidly. Instant noodles are steamed, fried and dried which gives it distinct flavor and texture so they are different from other noodles. Also shelf life of instant noodles increases along with low microbial deterioration or oxidative rancidity.

In India instant noodles was first introduced with the brand name Maggi by Nestle in mid 80’s. Maggi has became household name in category of instant noodles due to smart strategy by the company and the property of noodles being easy to cook.


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