Bottled water industry in Mexico to reach USD 20.24 billion by 2025

The bottled water industry is valued at USD 15.19 billion in 2019 and is estimated to reach USD 15.94 billion by the year 2020.

It is expected to grow at the CAGR of  4.9% within the time horizon of 2020-2025 because of the increasing use of the bottled water as the major source of drinking water

The market value will reach USD 20.24 billion by the end of year 2025.

Definition / Scope

Bottled water is the drinking water packaged in plastic or glass bottles which are available in a variable sizes. In the context of Mexico, in terms of the bottle size, the most popular option available for the consumption and buying is 20-liter garrafones of water.

In terms of the source of the bottled water, it can be fluoridated, mineral water, groundwater, sparkling water, spring water and well water. Bottled water is considered to be appropriate, safe and acceptable for consumption as multi-barrier approach is used to protect the water from physical, chemical and microbiological contamination.

It includes source protection, source monitoring, reverse osmosis, distillation, micro-filtration, carbon filtration, ozonation, and ultraviolent light.

Bottled water industry is concerned with the production, storage, distribution and sale of the water packed in bottles. The bottled water industry can be categorized into the following segments on the basis of the type of product: