The Ultimate Guide to Invisible Hair Extensions: Create a New You with Intacte Hair Genius Weft

If you want to take your hairstyle to a higher level with undetectable and blendable hair extensions, you are in the right place. Genius Weft from Intacte Hair is a unique breakthrough in the field of hair extensions worldwide. This comprehensive guide will explore all that you need to know about invisible hair extensions and how the Genius Weft can effortlessly transform your look.

Understanding Invisible Hair Extensions

Unlike traditional hair extensions, Invisible hair extensions are designed to blend perfectly with your natural hair, so the result is stunning and undetectable. Unlike conventional extensions that may be too large or conspicuous, this latter type of extension is virtually invisible, hence providing you with a natural appearance.

Introducing Intacte Hair Genius Weft

Intact Hair Genius Weft is the perfect invisible hair extension. Expertly constructed with careful attention to detail, It is crafted to copy the natural growth of your hair for a smooth merge and invisible finish. Made from 100% human hair, Genius Weft guarantees unparalleled durability, flexibility and comfort.

The Pros of Genius Weft

Seamless Blending: 

This hair piece is a special product characterized by a unique design and structure that completely blends with your natural hair, creating a clearly undetectable look.

Comfortable Wear: 

The lightweight and pliable nature of Genius Weft guarantees comfortable wear, and hence, you can easily move around without any pain.

Versatile Styling: 

Whether you would like to increase your body length or even add highlights, we have endless styling possibilities so you can easily achieve your dream look.

Long-lasting Durability: 

Genius Weft is made with premium-quality human hair intended to withstand wear and tear so that it stays new and performs daily.

Which Shade to Opt For?

When dressing Genius Weft extensions, it is imperative to choose the right shade for your natural hair because they should blend well with your human hair. At Intacte Hair, you will find a wide variety of colors that suit your quest for the most ideal match for your hair shade. In addition, you can contact our team of specialists to get individualized recommendations.

How to Apply for Genius Weft Extensions

The genius weft extensions come with their own weft and tapeless application method, meaning installing them is fast and simple. Follow these simple steps to achieve a flawless finish:

  • Prepare Your Hair: Begin by washing and drying your hair in order to have a clean and straight base to place the extensions.
  • Section Your Hair: Divide your hair into multiple sections, starting from the nape area and going up.
  • Apply the Extensions: With a tail comb, perform a horizontal parting and attach the Genius Weft extension underneath the parting by using clips.
  • Blend and Style: After the braids are put in, use a brush or comb to merge them with your hair. Finally, style your hair in any way you wish, and you will be ready to go.

Maintenance Instruction for Genius Weft Extensions.

To ensure the longevity and performance of your Genius Weft extensions, follow these maintenance tips:

Avoid excessive heat styling: 

Even Genius Weft extensions can withstand heat styling, but too much styling application can cause damage to hair. Apply heat-resistant products and lessen heat styling to maintain the quality of your extensions.

Brush regularly: 

Softly use the soft-bristle brush to remove tangles and keep your extensions smooth.

Wash with care: 

Select a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to rinse the extensions, and refrain from rubbing or twisting the extensions while shampooing.

FAQ’s About Genius Weft Extensions:

How long does the Genius Weft extension last? 

Following the recommended care and maintenance regime, your Genius Weft extensions can last for 2 to 3 months.

Can I colour or style the Genius Weft extensions? 

Of course, Genius Weft extensions can be coloured, styled, and treated just as your natural hair.

Will weft extensions be good for all hair types? 

Indeed, Genius Weft extensions are allowed for all hair types, such as fine, medium, and thick hair.

Will you use Genius Weft extensions when swimming or exercising? 

However, it’s just a precaution; we recommend limiting your exposure of the extensions to excessive water or sweat while swimming or exercising.

What is the way to deinstall Genius Weft extensions? 

Weft extensions, which are genius by design, can be removed by professionals using specifically formulated solutions to gently unbond without harming your own hair.


Invisible hair extensions, like Intacte Hair Genius Weft, are the easiest and most versatile way of upgrading your hairstyle with the least amount of endeavor. From smooth weaves and comfortable wear to even unlimited styling options, Genius Weft extensions will help you design a complete and natural-looking hairstyle. Enjoy the difference with Genius Weft and let your style climb the air. Visit page and discover the Genius Weft extensions lineup offered by Intacte Hair. Use your hair to the maximum extent.