The rapid growth of FinTech in recent years in the UK has sparked change across the financial sector. As fintech continues to challenge the traditional players in the industry, they also provide opportunities to collaborate. Within the UK, technology-led business models are evolving everywhere and creating new value propositions for […]

The UK is mostly focused on the ‘smart city’ vertical of IoT where public infrastructure and services are being greatly transformed through large scale IoT deployments. As of 2016, there were approximately 8.4 million connected devices which is forecasted to reach 20.3 million by 2020. Definition / Scope Market Overview […]

Consumer appliances segment is experiencing high growth due to new trends like premiumisation and cocooning. Another factor affecting purchase behavior is lifestyle changes like a preference for convenience, a shift towards higher quality products, online shopping, increasing health and environment concerns. Market Drivers Consumer appliances segment is experiencing high growth due to new trends like […]

In recent years the small car/compact car segment has crossed 40% of the car market in UK. The emphasis on being single, having smaller nuclear families and women maintaining independent lifestyle has been the main driving force behind this trend. Definition / Scope A compact car is basically a small […]



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