A medical robot is a robot that allows surgeons greater access to areas under operation using more precise and less invasive methods. They are in most tele manipulators, which use the surgeon’s actions on one side to control the “effector” on the other side. Types of Medical Robots Surgical robots These robots either […]

Globally, China is the hot spot of Robotics activity and seems to be witnessing the fastest growth in the industry. According to the China Robot Industry Alliance, about 37,000 robots were sold in China in 2013 making it the world’s biggest buyer of robots for the first time defeating Japan. Although almost three-fourths of total […]

Will the large Building automation players miss out on the home automation revolution? Imagine This Imagine a truly connected home. Everything controlled by your smart phone. Security cameras that you can monitor from anywhere. Lights and Air conditioning that come on just before you enter the house, and go off once you are […]

Japan is globally leading in terms of operational industrial robots stock in the country and most of its robot market revenue are from industrial sector. As of 2018, Japan leads the segment with 20% of market share in manufacturing of industrial robots closely followed by US and China respectively. However […]



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