The US Steel industry has more than 100 steel making and production facilities under them which give rise to 98 million tons in steel shipments valued at $75 billion in 2014. Definition / Scope The Foundation of this report By 1900, USA was the largest steel manufacturer with low cost […]

Currently, Canada ranks 16th in terms of units of passenger car production and is much below other countries like China, Japan, Germany, USA, India, Brazil, Spain, Russia, France and UK to name a few. However, the passenger car segment has been the largest contributor to the country’s trade balance in […]

Canada water treatment chemicals market is in a growing state with expected growth of 3% CAGR per year. It is overwhelmed with numerous opportunities in terms of wastewater management regulations and water quality standards. However, the existence of a variety of alternative water treatment methods such as filtration, ultraviolet radiation […]

Packaged food is the food that is commercially prepared to optimize ease of consumption. It includes all consumable/eatables that are properly packaged with the manufacturer’s name, price, nutrition value and ingredients. In 2014 Canadian households spent about US $505 annually, or 9.3% of their total budget for food and non-alcoholic […]

USA has been one of the nations with the highest growth rate of frozen food in the packaged food market. There are various reasons which can be attributed to this growth such as changing lifestyle, change in work-life balance, changed eating habits and hectic life. Definition / Scope Frozen food- […]

Education in USA is one of the important sector of the country. Definition / Scope The educational attainment of the U.S. population is similar to that of many other industrialised countries with the vast majority of the population having completed secondary education and a rising number of college graduates that […]

In the future, Canada will be a superpower of energy, producing uncontaminated energy, and also investing a great deal in the oil sands as well as development of shale gas. Definition / Scope In the last few years, Canada has experienced remarkable changes in the energy sector, together with newer renewable energy developments, which […]

According to the U.S. Office of Management and Budget and Homeland Security Research Corporation, DHS Homeland security funding constitutes only 20-21% of the consolidated U.S. Homeland Security – Homeland Defense funding, while approximately 40% of the DHS budget funds civil, non-security activities, such as the U.S. coast guard search and […]

The exports from the US increased from 1.5 million metric tons in 2005 to 1.9 million metric tons in 2012 —a growth rate of 24.0% (According to the US Dairy Export Council) – key export destinations being South East Asian countries, South Korea and Japan Definition / Scope Dairy ingredients […]



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