Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) are products which have a quick turnover, and at relatively low cost. FMCG products are replaced within a year and purchased in small quantity as per the need of an individual or family. They have short shelf life either high demand. These products include perishable, non-perishable, […]

The Australian retail market is mature and highly saturated with over 79,000 businesses in operation as of 2017. Business analysts reported that spending in Australian retail technology is increasing significantly – particularly driven by multiple factors, including the entrance of international participants (e.g., Amazon) and evolving consumer-spending behaviour. Australian Retail […]

As of 2017, personal luxury goods market has shown an increase in 5% at current exchange rates and 6% at constant exchange rates and the market size has reached approx. $300 billion. Definition / Scope Market Overview Top Market Opportunities Market Trends Industry Challenges Technology Trends Other Key Market  Trends […]

42% of the consumers in the US are interested in technology to customize products while 19% cited willingness to pay a 10% price premium for them. It will be critical for the large FMCG companies to customize both product and shopping experience as smaller brands continue to do so and […]

To enhance global competitiveness, players in apparel industry in Thailand need to focus on strategies that ensure high quality design and agility, increase productivity in terms of labour, reduce production cost. Further in the downstream end the retailers are expected to reduce response time, eliminate errors and improve customer satisfaction […]

The foreseeable future is expected to see mobile internet retailing becoming increasingly important in New Zealand. The leading players are thus set to focus on a multi-channel approach, with it being important to offer an internet retailing site that can easily be accessed via smartphones and tablets. Definition / Scope […]