Ecommerce/Digital marketing for consumer brands and e-commerce companies has become the primary marketing channel as more budgets is allocated by brands. Custom content has increased the imports as companies fight to develop awareness and win customer mind share in the marketplace. Definition / Scope E-commerce is not just growing in […]

The practice of drinking tea originated in China about 2000 years ago and it is deeply integrated into their lifestyle and culture. But, in the last 2 decades, western companies are targeting China with a close substitute product- coffee. Since then, Starbucks and Costa coffee have already opened 3,400 and […]

More than 40% of the world’s e-commerce transactions take place in China. The GMV value reached USD 3.56 trillion in 2017. By 2020, China is projected to capture more than 60% of the global e-commerce sales, which will represent China’s share more than the rest of the world combined. Definition […]

The children’s wear market in China is changing, the prevalence of traditional market is challenged by the emergence of new distribution formats in the segment. The gap between big and local brand’s marketing is visible. Definition / Scope Market Overview Market Risks Top Market Opportunities Market Drivers Market Restraints Industry […]

After the introduction of China’s new cyber security law, Chinese cyber security enterprise is experiencing dramatic market growth. These enterprises are expected to contribute 330 billion yuan to China’s GDP by 2020. Definition / Scope Market Overview Market Risks Top Market Opportunities Market Drivers Market Restraints Industry Challenges Technology Trends […]

The top 20 cement producers in China operate 270 integrated cement plants with total production capacity of 861.48 Mt/yr. Definition / Scope Market Overview Top Market Opportunities Market Drivers Industry Challenges Regulatory Trends Other Ket Market Trends Market Size and Forecast Market Outlook Competitive Landscape Key Market Players Strategic Conclusion […]

In 2013, according to the reports given by solar manufacturer Hanergy and the China New Energy Chamber of Commerce, China was the world’s leading installer of photovoltaics, depicting a massive 232 percent increase in 2013 (over 2012) Market Overview Solar energy is the freely available, renewable source of energy. It is the energy generated from solar radiations […]



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