Smart education trends in Canada is very interesting. Find out the current trends of smart education and smart learning in Canada. Furthermore, this reports also describe the challenges and opportunities of smart education along with future forecast Definition / Scope Market Overview Market Risks Top Market Opportunities Market Drivers Market […]

Canada has a robust pharmaceutical industry. Although some challenges like global competition and counterfeit products do exist, an increase in generic medicine and increased government initiatives for partnerships are likely to drive growth in the market. Definition / Scope Market Overview Market Risks Top Market Opportunities Market Drivers Market Restraints […]

Currently, Canada ranks 16th in terms of units of passenger car production and is much below other countries like China, Japan, Germany, USA, India, Brazil, Spain, Russia, France and UK to name a few. However, the passenger car segment has been the largest contributor to the country’s trade balance in […]

Canada water treatment chemicals market is in a growing state with expected growth of 3% CAGR per year. It is overwhelmed with numerous opportunities in terms of wastewater management regulations and water quality standards. However, the existence of a variety of alternative water treatment methods such as filtration, ultraviolet radiation […]

Packaged food is the food that is commercially prepared to optimize ease of consumption. It includes all consumable/eatables that are properly packaged with the manufacturer’s name, price, nutrition value and ingredients. In 2014 Canadian households spent about US $505 annually, or 9.3% of their total budget for food and non-alcoholic […]

In the future, Canada will be a superpower of energy, producing uncontaminated energy, and also investing a great deal in the oil sands as well as development of shale gas. Definition / Scope In the last few years, Canada has experienced remarkable changes in the energy sector, together with newer renewable energy developments, which […]