Usage-Based Insurance is fast becoming a revolution in the United States as it offers a package of benefits such as Attracting low-risk drivers. Enhancing customer loyalty. Reducing claims costs. Increasing the number of potential touch-points per year which is altering the face of the Auto-Insurance Industry and is poised to […]

Entrepreneurs and technopreneurs are presenting technologies as well as innovative business models to disrupt the trillion dollar BFS industry globally. Insurance, retail banking, payments are ripe industries for technological innovation, yet are fiercely competitive at the same time. To lead an organisation that is not only presenting new ways of […]

2020 was a prolific year for Singapore’s FinTech start-ups as FinTech investment reached US$346 million, representing 6.2% of all that was raised in Asia. Singapore holds immense potential for FinTech to thrive backed up by its solid technology and innovation roots, sophisticated and educated citizens, strong financial background, unparalleled infrastructure […]

Digital banking is promising a better banking experience for both customers and banks. However, it is without any doubt that the future banker is a digital banker.  The potential of Digital banking is fruitful as it brings the unbanked into the banking segment. The major drivers fuelling the digital transformation […]

High growth in credits with slow growth in deposits leads to pressure in the liquidity position of the Nepalese banking industry. It also resulted in unhealthy competition on the interest rate. In order to overcome this problem, the banking industry should focus on the mobilization of rural deposits rather do […]

Low interest rate has been the main cause in the decline and negative performance of the life insurance market in USA in recent years Definition / Scope Life insurance is a contract made between a life insurance company and the insurance policy holder. Here, the insurance company is known as […]



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