High growth in credits with slow growth in deposits leads to pressure in the liquidity position of the Nepalese banking industry. It also resulted in unhealthy competition on the interest rate. In order to overcome this problem, the banking industry should focus on the mobilization of rural deposits rather do […]

Japan is globally leading in terms of operational industrial robots stock in the country and most of its robot market revenue are from industrial sector. As of 2018, Japan leads the segment with 20% of market share in manufacturing of industrial robots closely followed by US and China respectively. However […]

China is at the forefront of development of blockchain technology. All stakeholders: private companies, government and technology providers are betting on the disruptive potential of blockchain. In contrast to other countries, China is regarding blockchain from a strategic viewpoint rather than just a technology with use cases across industries. Definition […]

The Asia-Pacific Industrial 3D printing market size is forecasted to reach USD 3.3 billion by 2023 at a projected CAGR of 27.2% during 2019-2023. The major driving forces come from the growing adoption in additive manufacturing by industries such as automotive, aerospace, dental, discrete, high tech, and medical products. Definition […]

At present, China has the right combination of factors for anybody looking to invest in the fitness industry- 415 millennials enticed by e-fitness, increasing disposable income of middle class willing to spend on fitness, rise of health related products in market and government investment in active wear, fitness centres and […]

The year-over-year growth rate of the SaaS market in China is predicted somewhere around 35-45% until 2020. With the projected growth rate, the market size is expected to reach $65.4 billion by 2020. Definition / Scope Market Overview Market Risks Top Market Opportunities Market Drivers Market Restraints Industry Challenges Technology […]