The total market size of the South African Agrochemicals market is valued at USD 403.51 million in the year 2020. Its market value is expected to growing at a CAGR of 5% within the forecasted time horizon of 2020-2025 because of agriculture as the major source of income, increasing focus […]

It is estimated that agribusinesses contribute about 30 percent to the gross domestic product of India, with the agricultural sector employing the largest percentage of the workforce (approximately 45.5 percent, according to a recent survey by the Labor Bureau). Agribusiness continues to be a powerful growth engine for the Indian […]

The global economy in terms of GDP at current price (USD) was valued USD 87.69 trillion in 2019. Agriculture sector contributed 4% to the global economy, almost USD 3.51 trillion worldwide, with North America holding the largest market share. Definition / Scope Market Overview Key Metrics Market Risks Top Market […]

Agrochemicals market is valued at USD 9.56 billion in Brazil and is expected to grow at a rate of 6% within the time period of 2017-2022 because of the increasing demand for land productivity and food production. However, agrochemicals induced health and environmental concerns might create risk for market growth. […]

Technological advancements and continued innovation has impacted the Africa’s IoT in agriculture market’s operating models and reshape agriculture system. Considering such factors it is anticipated market will be valued at around USD 4.5 billion by 2023. Definition / Scope Market Overview Market Risks Top Market Opportunities Market Drivers Industry Challenges […]