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Annual Plan


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Monthly Plan


Per month

  • Everything Free +
  • Detailed Industry Reports, Opportunities & Insights​
  • Disruptive Technology Reports & Market Potential​
  • Finance Reports & Insights​
  • Industry Trackers

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Frequently asked questions

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes you absolutely can.

Cancelling your annual subscription within the first 30 days will get you 50% refund. Please write to hello(at)reogma(dot)com to initiate your refund.

Cancelling your annual subscription beyond 30 days will not qualify for refunds.

Monthly subscriptions do not qualify for refunds

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Subscriptions are single user licenses and sharing your subscription credentials is not permitted

Who is this subscription for?

This subscription is for everyone – individuals, entrepreneurs, small/medium enterprises, large organisations, governments, academia, investors and  innovation labs

Can I copy your content? How do I use it?

All content on this site is copyrighted and is not available to be reproduced or resold without written permission from reogma

You are however encouraged to use the material for internal company brainstorming, decision making and Board meetings

Why is the price so low?

reogma came into existence to democratise business information.

Our business model is to get this in the hands of 10 million users globally. We will make the economics work when we have high usage.

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