Is Cox Internet Reliable?

Internet itself is one brilliant example of how technologies have evolved in the past few years and when you go for good internet, my recommendation will always be the Cox Internet.

Cox has one of the best internets in the town. The provider is currently 3rd largest broadband network in the US and the fastest in terms of downloading according to Ookla. Cox has been promising in terms of giving benefits to the users, Cox is much more reliable than other internet service providers.

In this guide, I’ll try to highlight factors that makes Cox a reliable internet service provider, without wasting your time, let’s jump straight in to the analyses.

Connection Type

Your connection type will basically define how reliable your internet service provider is.

Satellite connections are considered to be the weakest connection if we compare with cable or fiber. Cox currently offers cable internet and fiber internet, but the availability of fiber internet is still less than 10 percent.  If you are using Satellite connection, then you must have an idea how weather change and environment affects the connection. 

Peak Hours

One thing where Cox is leading from the front is the constant speed they provide to the users during the peak hours where as if we compare other network providers, it is very obvious that the speed would get affected in peak hours and if you’re doing something important, you’ll have to wait for the peak hour to end first and then work, where as in Cox, the consistency in speed remains same.

Type of Equipment

The reliability of your internet will surely depend on the type of equipment you use. For example, if you are using an outdated equipment, you might end up facing connectivity issues. To avoid any trouble, you should get a Cox Panoramic Wi-Fi at first.

Weather change

Weather change would definitely affect connections like fixed and satellite. If you are using fiber, then you shouldn’t be worried about anything as it won’t affect fiber optics much.


Cox is operating in 19 states right now but the provider aims to reach more and more user to fill the gap so that more users can get advantage. The availability of the Cox Fiber is less than 10% but Cox Super Fast is 99% available in the US.


The internet service provider takes care of the user and for that, they believe in transparent price policy. Cox would never charge you any hidden fees so that you can feel at east. 

After analyzing, I am going to show you some amazing internet plans being offered by Cox Communications.

Cox Internet – Plan

Cox offers 5 of the great plans for the user so that the user should have an option of selecting plan on their own.

  • Go Fast

If you are ready to enhance your social media package a bit more, then you should definitely consider Go Fast as this plan is the basic tier offered by the network. It comes with a good and nice 100mbps download speed.

  • Go Faster

If you have plans for this weekend to watch Netflix in UHD, then you must opt Cox Go Faster as the tier comes with brilliant 250mbps download speed. Watch Netflix without Buffer. Sounds good, Right?

  • Even Faster

I’m sure you love gaming. If yes, then this package would be an amazing deal for you as this will surely enhance your gaming experience because it comes with 500mbps of download speed. Game even better with Even Faster!

  • Super-Fast

This plan is one of the most premium one offered by the Cox Communications as this comes with 1gbps download speed so if you and your friends are planning for Fifa this weekend, then you need to upgrade your plan to Super-Fast.

  • Beyond Fast

Beyond Fast is currently not available everywhere. In case if you are fortunate enough to have this tier around, go for it because it will make your life much easier as it comes with 2gbps download speed. Beyond Fast will fully be available by the end of this year.


Cox Internet is much more reliable if we compare it with other internet service providers. Users can judge the reliability of any provider by looking at the services it offers. Choice is still yours!