Frozen food industry in Japan will reach USD 7.49 B by 2024

Frozen Food market in Japan was valued at USD 6.52 billion in 2018 and will grow at the CAGR of 2.4% within the forecasted time period of 2019-2024 because of the increasing number of single-person household and rising need for ready meals in a busy lifestyle.

Definition / Scope

Frozen foods are the food products preserved by rapid freezing process and kept frozen until they are packed in cartons, wrappers, cans or trays.¬†In today’s busy lifestyle, its consumption is gaining popularity as they are very easy to prepare and serve. In the context of Japan, top six best-frozen foods are Tsukemen, authentic fried rice, spaghetti, grilled onigiri rice balls, chicken, and gyoza.¬†Frozen food market can be categorized into the following types on the basis of the type of food products:

  • Frozen Readymade meals
  • Frozen Fruits and Vegetables
  • Frozen Meat
  • Frozen Fish and Seafood
  • Frozen Bakery Products