Movers and Shakers with Rahul Vinod Podaar, MD, The Shakti Plastic Industries

Waste recycling in general in India is largely an informal sector with little documentation on recyclers and activities. However, India may be ahead of several peers when it comes to recycling plastic.

Overall plastic recycling rates in India are over 60% although given the pandemic outbreak, the market may still e adjusting to the fluctuations in 2021.

As the market evolves, decarbonisation and digitalisation emerge as two key themes in this industry. We spoke to Mr Rahul Vinod Podaar, Managing Director of The Shakti Plastic Industries to understand his perspective and vision of the industry

reogma: What transformational impact has the pandemic had on the plastic recycling industry in India, as the economy emerges back do you expect a surge in volumes at the back of industrial and consumption growth?

There has been tremendous growth in the volumes of plastic waste generated due to the rampant increase and necessity of ecommerce delivery services. The rate of recycling has been playing catch up since. India has one of the best recycling rates globally. While recycling systems are in place there is much to be enhanced when it comes to Plastic recycling Infrastructure.

reogma: What technologies have you seen making strong inroads in the plastic recycling industry – e.g. tracking, tracing, automation, sorting, smart tech in bins, etc?

Traceability has been a very very important aspect of plastic waste recycling. There is a tremendous demand by regulatory bodies, PIBO’s (Producers, Importers & Brand Owners) & consumers to show the flow of plastic waste, from start to finish, from making, to dispose, to recycle.

Integrating Blockchain technologies is growing to trace & track plastic waste all over the world, Slowly and steadily this is technology is being picked up in India as well.

reogma: What is your differentiator in the market? How are you transforming your business especially as the world is adjusting to the new normal?

We, at Shakti plastic, are taking great efforts to make a difference at the start, the beginning. It all begins with education and awareness. plastic waste and plastic waste recycling can be enhanced only through active IEC (Information, Education & Communication) activities. Segregation is key to a great plastic waste management system.

About Mr Rahul Vinod Podaar, Managing Director – The Shakti Plastic Industries

Results-oriented Managing Director driven to manage costs and establish strategic mutually beneficial partnerships and relationships with users vendors and service providers. Adept at creating strategic alliances with organization leaders to effectively align with and support key business initiatives. Excel at building and retaining high performance teams by hiring developing and motivating skilled professionals.

Some of the significant credentials:

  • NITI Aayog For Plastic Waste Management
  • Vice President for Plastic Recycling at MSMECCII
  • Committee Member Material Recycling Association India (MRAI)
  • Committee Member Indian Plastics Institute (IRI)
  • Committee Member OPPI
  • Committee Member AIPMA
  • Committee Member PLEX CONCIL
  • Committee Member FPITA

About The Shakti Plastic Industries

The company was brought to limelight in 1969 by Late Shri Vishwanath Podaar in Malad-West, Mumbai. Later, Mr. Rahul Vinod Podaar (Managing Director) took up the mantle and since then the company has been very instrumental towards expanding the business and eventually set its foot in India as one of the best in Waste management.

The pioneering efforts of my grandfather Late Shri Vishwanath Podaar, my father Vinod Podaar and my brother Prateek Podaar has led to the growth of Shakti from 10,000 sq.ft to 200000 sq.ft area with 15-20 percent revenue growth every year. We aim at growing with every step in the coming years

  • Shakti has Pan India wide presence now collection centers in 21 States and 5 Union Territories
  • Shakti is most entrusted company for EPR service of plastic waste under PWM rules and Recycling. And has most transparent and traceable system in place for waste management.
  • It has recycling unit installed in Palghar, Mumbai equipped with best technologies known to plastic recycling industry.
  • Shakti is in process to setup 10+ recycling units across different states and have already started installations in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Odisha.

Some key values of company:

  • Adaptive to government initiatives   
  • A valuable give back to society
  • Valuable suggestions for society to uphold
  • Innovation in Plastics Recycling Technologies and Methods

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