Movers and Shakers with Dr Betina, Founder and President of Nanovetores

Personal care has significant impact on self image & esteem and social interactions. However, during the pandemic the industry witnessed a dip in almost all geographies given the breakdown of supply chain, raised trade barriers and lockdowns of domestic markets.

How does one navigate such unprecedented market conditions while outperforming competition that has gone from intense to fierce. We spoke to Dr Betina Ramos, Founcer and CEO of Nanovetores to get her perspective.

reogma: What transformational impact has the pandemic had on the personal care industry, both in terms of customer behavior as well as demand? 

In terms of product demand we can highlight that, with the pandemic, its has increased the use of antiseptic products mainly for hand asepsis such as gel alcohol and consequent need for products for moisturizing hands and nails. The use of a mask promotes a face covering with consequent increase in oil and the famous phenomenon “maskne’’, that is, the appearance of acne caused by the use of masks intensified the consumption of anti-acne and oil control products. Finally, the capillary fall had an effect in 1 in each 4 people affected by COVID-19, which increased the demand for products intended to control capillary fall and stimulate hair growth. 

Regarding the client’s behavior, it was observed that the introduction of personal care routines performed in home brought well-being and comfort during the pandemic. Many of these practices have come to stay and aim not only for the aesthetic care of the body but also for mental health with a focus on well-being. It is important to point out that the customers criteria of choice have increased, consumers are more aware, and therefore multifunctional, sustainable and vegan products are preferred. 

reogma: What specific tech applications in your opinion are making strong inroads into this industry? 

Technological applications have brought to the market diverse sorts of innovation. For the personal care industry, the monitoring of the evolving benefits of a treatment tracked by applications or even the use of apps for personal care, fitness, make up and wellness routines has become increasingly frequent. 

reogma: What is your differentiator in the market? How are you transforming your business in the new normal post pandemic future? 

The pandemic caused changes in the customers consumption profile who began to question the composition of products, especially in a broader aspect of benefits and sustainability. In this sense, we have been transforming our business since our foundation, because Nanovetores has always allied technology and nature so that our products were sustainable and performative. 

The differential of Nanovetores technology is the quickly and noticeably delivery of efficacy. In addition, our products are sustainable and multifunctional, which exactly fits the demands of the most demanding and conscious consumers. Minimalism is a trend that will be consolidated in customer choices, where ‘’less is more’’… A single product that treats skin and hair ? A product that lightens the skin in 7 days? A product that smoothes cellulite in one application? This is what we deliver, and this is how we are delighting our customers and expanding our business by breaking revenue records even in pandemic times. 

Dr. Betina Ramos Biography: Entrepreneurial scientist. PhD in Nanotechnology. Founder and President of Nanovetores. 

Dr. Betina Ramos Biography: Entrepreneurial scientist. PhD in Nanotechnology. Founder and President of Nanovetores. 

Nanovetores Biography: Company specialized in systems of micro and nanoencapsulation of active ingredients for the health segment. 

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