With around US$ 3 billion of investment put into the Cybersecurity market in 2020, Israel has emerged as a pioneer in cybersecurity, marking a rise of 97 per cent over the previous year. The role of the country in the market is second only to the United States and its […]

India is fast growing in the organic food market, with the ninth largest organic agricultural land in the world and the largest number of producers. India produced approximately 1.70 million MT (2017-18) of certified organic products comprising all food product varieties, namely Oil Seeds, Sugar Cane, Cereals & Millets, Cotton, […]

It is estimated that agribusinesses contribute about 30 percent to the gross domestic product of India, with the agricultural sector employing the largest percentage of the workforce (approximately 45.5 percent, according to a recent survey by the Labor Bureau). Agribusiness continues to be a powerful growth engine for the Indian […]

India is the world’s second largest cement producer with ~509 million tonnes per year (mtpa) of cement production capacity as of March 2019 and accounts for over 8% of the global installed capacity. The Indian cement sector accounts for about 1.2% of the country’s GDP and employs more than 0.5 […]



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