Malaysia with its strategic location, low-cost opportunities, sophisticated talent pool, favourable government and regulatory support appears to be a viable hub for semiconductor players. A wide range of emerging technologies such as IoT, Big data, connected devices and cars, 5G, AI are steering this industry into a state of progress […]

The mining is the pillar of strength for Australian economy as it accounts for about 6.4% of the total value added to the economy. In 2020, although this industry has been somewhat immune to the wrath of the pandemic compared to other hard-hit industries. In 2021, the market size of […]

Cloud computing has already been dubbed the “future of commuting.” Because of the increased uptake of cloud-based data storage services in small, medium, and large Enterprises in Hong Kong, the Cloud Computing Services Market is gaining momentum and is poised to grow at a Healthy Rate and is projected to […]

Thailand, Southeast Asia’s second-largest economy, encourages foreign investment through a modern S-curve framework geared toward an innovative, digital, and research-based economy, propelling the country into a new era of laboratory, biotechnology, and life science investment in the region. Definition / Scope Market Overview Market Risks Market Drivers Market Restraints Industry […]

The bustling Contact Centers in Thailand is on the verge of transformation expected to grow at 7.4% to reach a Market Size of US$ 29.3 Million in 2025. The new and advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies such as Predictive Analytics has brought about […]

Thailand, commonly referred to as the “Detroit of the East,” is one of the world’s top automotive manufacturers, officially ranking 12th. One of the fastest growing sub-sectors of the Thai auto industry is electric vehicle development. Analysts estimate that the number of electric vehicles produced in Thailand will increase to […]

The Indian contact lens industry, which was once nearly stagnant, has now been transformed into one of the country’s fastest growing segments. This can be attributed to the entry of many organised players into the industry, a substantial increase in the demand for eyewear in terms of volume sales, significant […]

According to the Good Food Institute, about 63% of the Indians are likely to purchase Alternative Meat regularly. Plant-based meat in India is an emerging trend predominantly in the Full Service Restaurants (FSR). At present, the market size of meat based on plants in India is very small, but in […]

Diamonds are Israel’s largest export market and account for 18.1 percent of its overall exports. Israel is the world’s fourth-largest diamond exporter and has a 9.25 percent share of a global market worth $116 billion a year. The United States (67.3 percent) and India are the two major destinations for […]



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