Usage-Based Insurance is fast becoming a revolution in the United States as it offers a package of benefits such as Attracting low-risk drivers. Enhancing customer loyalty. Reducing claims costs. Increasing the number of potential touch-points per year which is altering the face of the Auto-Insurance Industry and is poised to […]

The Global Car Finance Industry is at the cusp of significant growth and is expected to attain momentum with the adoption of new technologies and Digitalization has become the “buzz” word among the Market Players, Digitalization is definitely a game-changer for the Car Finance Industry and is expected to bring […]

2020 was a prolific year for Singapore’s FinTech start-ups as FinTech investment reached US$346 million, representing 6.2% of all that was raised in Asia. Singapore holds immense potential for FinTech to thrive backed up by its solid technology and innovation roots, sophisticated and educated citizens, strong financial background, unparalleled infrastructure […]

The digital payment landscape is changing both online and offline at a brisk pace. Brick-and-mortar consumers are pushing retailers for an easier and more seamless way to pay using NFC and magnetic communication and online consumers are looking at alternative payment options including emerging payment services and cryptocurrencies. Definition / […]

Digital banking is promising a better banking experience for both customers and banks. However, it is without any doubt that the future banker is a digital banker.  The potential of Digital banking is fruitful as it brings the unbanked into the banking segment. The major drivers fuelling the digital transformation […]



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