The pros and cons on the issues regarding Network Neutrality as Internet is a free medium in context to content and services offered by internet. It further illustrates consumer and the business view of the impact of Network Neutrality regulations if they will be regulated or not. Executive summary The pros […]

Earth Moving and Construction Equipment (ECE) is expected to grow at a tremendous CAGR of 20-25%. Definition / Scope Construction equipment generally refers to the relatively heavy machines/heavy-duty vehicles that are specially designed for executing construction (or demolition) tasks, mainly earthwork operations. An efficient, accurate, easy, and cost-effective method for […]

Africa is supposed to quadruple its renewable energy capacity from 30.5 gigawatts in 2012 to 120 gigawatts by 2030 Definition / Scope What is Energy Efficiency? – Energy Efficiency is the methods and procedures applied for restraining or preventing unnecessary usage and wastage of energy. Something is considered to be more energy efficient if it consumes less energy for […]

As on March 2013, IR has a total route network of about 65,436 kilometers, of which 20,884 are electrified. Definition / Scope Indian Railways (IR) is owned and operated by the Government of India through the Ministry of Railways. IR is mainly running two types of services – Passenger and Freight. India has […]

Commercial Banking in Pakistan – Technical efficiency About A Commercial Bank is a financial institution that provides services such as accepting deposits, giving loans and offering basic investment products. Technical Efficiency refers to managerial efficiency to avoid waste of resources. Executive Summary Pakistani banks have become efficient after the major reforms in the […]

In the last six decades the urban population has increased five times to 485.35 million (Indian Census, 2011) increasing the burden on municipal corporation to deal with the solid waste management. Description h steam turbines generating power. It is a noiseless and hygienic method with minimal land requirements. As the […]



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