The Australian retail market is mature and highly saturated with over 79,000 businesses in operation as of 2017. Business analysts reported that spending in Australian retail technology is increasing significantly – particularly driven by multiple factors, including the entrance of international participants (e.g., Amazon) and evolving consumer-spending behaviour. Australian Retail […]

It is a biological process where an induced RNA or an alien RNA inhibits the functioning of another gene already present in the organism be it of a virus, a pathogen or the organism itself by causing typical destruction of its specific mRNA or messenger RNA molecules. Definition / Scope […]

High growth in credits with slow growth in deposits leads to pressure in the liquidity position of the Nepalese banking industry. It also resulted in unhealthy competition on the interest rate. In order to overcome this problem, the banking industry should focus on the mobilization of rural deposits rather do […]

Will the large Building automation players miss out on the home automation revolution? Imagine This Imagine a truly connected home. Everything controlled by your smart phone. Security cameras that you can monitor from anywhere. Lights and Air conditioning that come on just before you enter the house, and go off once you are […]

The passenger car market in the US is one of the largest automotive markets in the world. With the high fuel prices and the world petroleum crisis, the market has become more like the European market with fewer number of large passenger cars on the road and more number of […]



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